Dreaming Away

Yuri Kuper
Hannes Schmid
Hristo Mavrev
Anouk Sebald
Jacques Naegeli

Opening on July 6th, 6 - 9pm
Exhibition from July 7 - July 30, 2023

"Dreaming Away" is an exhibition that transcends past and the future, East and West. It invites the viewer to shed the weight of the past and follow the artists into a borderless world of hope...

The exhibition features an artwork by the Swiss photographer Hannes Schmid and a photograph from the Jacques Naegeli archive, an installation as well as the assemblages by the English artist Yuri Kuper (in collaboration with Patrick Cramer Gallery), installation objects by the french artist Hristo Mavrev and a video work by the artist Anouk Sebald from Berne.

Also on view will be a selection of exclusive furniture by Atelier Oï, Trix und Robert Haussmann, Aebi & Vincent, Tomek Archer, Tomoko Azumi, Koni Ochsner and Susi & Ueli Berger.



In collaboration with R├Âthlisberger Collection