Studio Naegeli, located in the historic Chalet Naegeli in Gstaad, is a gallery for contemporary art, an artist's residence and photo archive of Gstaad photographer Jacques Naegeli (1885 - 1971).


The gallery presents exhibitions, talks and other events. Our focus is on visual art, but we are also interested in the interfaces between art and design, art and architecture, and art and science. With our program we want to bridge the gap between local and global as well as between tradition and innovative, diverse art making. The House of the Photographer should be enlivened by art and welcome both the local community and international guests.


Part of the work of Jacques Naegeli is already available in book form: "Welt & Gstaad". The book was published in 2014 by Suzanne Potterat and Christian Högl in collaboration with the "Museum Saanen". Accompanying the book was a short film and a museum exhibition. In the exhibition, photos, films as well as historical photography equipment were shown to the public. The visitors got exciting insights into the history of the region and the travel stops of the photographer. The Naegeli archive with its extensive fund of original photographs is now being scientifically processed in cooperation with the Swiss National Library.


A few times a year, Studio Naegeli will offer a residency to invited artists. Here, surrounded by the impressive alpine scenery and unique spirit of the mountain village, artists can work on their artistic research and create new art pieces. The art works made during the residency period will be presented in a final show.

Anna Högl (Fatyanova)

Curator Studio Naegeli

The Muscovite comes from a family of artists and filmmakers. Anna studied at the Universities of Moscow, Göttingen, Bern and Fribourg and holds an MA in International Relations and Anthropology. She curates various art projects in Switzerland and Russia; among others, she is the curator of the art space Dreiviertel in Bern and the Art & Science project "Reagenz". Anna Högl also worked for the Moscow art fair COSMOSCOW. She spent curatorial research residencies at the museum Lenbachhaus in Munich and at the art center Viafarini in Milano.

Christian Högl

The great-grandson of Jacques Naegeli has been working for some time on the recovery of the oeuvre of the renowned Gstaad photographer and documentalist. His path has taken him from furniture making to software development. He is responsible for the ecommerce platform of the music label for electronic music, Kompakt, in Cologne. Christian Högl is co-founder of the art space Dreiviertel in Bern and co-author of the project "Welt & Gstaad", which includes a book, a museum exhibition and a short film.