Naegeli Archive

In the Chalet Naegeli on today's Promenade in the center of Gstaad, was the studio of photographer Jacques Naegeli (1885 - 1971) since 1914. He lived here with his family, and it was from here that he undertook many of his extensive travels through Europe, Africa and North America, returning each time to his home in Gstaad richly laden with pictures and films.

Naegeli photographed the people, villages and nature throughout the Saanenland. As a result, many of these photographs found their way out of Naegeli's studio and into the world, becoming a valuable contribution to the cultural heritage of the region.

For decades, Naegeli was committed to the sustainable development of the Saanenland and worked to protect the environment. In this way, he made a significant contribution to the fact that the Geltental, which was threatened by the discharge of the Gelten water, became known far and wide and that it was possible to achieve the protection of the entire area.

Today the Chalet Naegeli with its garden still stands next to the chapel and is a reminder of the pioneering tourist times of Gstaad; a unique place for a very special contact with history and with art.

Part of the work of Jacques Naegeli is already available in book form: "Welt & Gstaad". The book was published in 2014 by Suzanne Potterat and Christian Högl in collaboration with the "Museum Saanen". Accompanying the book was a short film and a museum exhibition. In the exhibition, photos, films as well as historical photography equipment were shown to the public. The visitors got exciting insights into the history of the region and the travel stops of the photographer. The Naegeli archive with its extensive fund of original photographs is now being scientifically processed in cooperation with the Swiss National Library.


A Journey Through Time to the Geltental

Permanent exhibition @ Geltenhütte

Welt & Gstaad

December 5, 2014 - October 17, 2015 @ Museum Saanen