In Transition

Adela Picón
Anna-Lena Winterberger
Antoine Orand
Anthony Bannwart
Filip Haag
Cédric Koukjian
Julia Hoentzsch
Mario Volpe
Pierre Koukjian
Sebastian Winkler

Opening on August 27 @ 5pm
Exhibition from August 28 - September 30

In the exhibition "In Transition" is the image of a moment in which at first glance nothing happens and at the same time everything is in motion. It is about a mystical transition between past and future; basically a unique state of true existence.

One matter flows into another, the boundaries merge between figuration and abstraction, between cultures and places, between nature, art and design.

At this group exhibition, diverse artistic positions and design objects will be shown. Many works show a reference to Gstaad and the canton of Bern, other artworks come from Paris, Colombia and Beirut. In addition, we present selected design objects from the Röthlisberger collection.

The spectrum of artistic media on display is as broad as the artists' origins. From photography to sculptures made of marble and metal, from video art to oil painting, from concrete poetry to pigment prints and fine drawings.

Immediately upon entering the exhibition space, we encounter the filigree drawings of Bernese artist Filip Haag, in which subtle pencil strokes form endless landscapes. On a table are the design sketches of Antoine Orand from Paris for silk scarves of the men's collection 22/23 of the Hermès brand. They are joined by the conceptual poetic texts of Sebastian Winkler, a poet and artist from Bern.

The poetic harmony between art and the great outdoors is evident in the photographic series by artist Anna-Lena Winterberger, the video works by Adela Picón from Barcelona, and the handmade porcelain bowls by Julia Hoentzsch. They are joined by the object series "Extase" by Anthony Bannwart.

Another transition can be found in the oil paintings of Mario Volpe from clear architectural forms to abstract and emotional expression. This is also reflected in the intricately handmade sculptures made of marble and synthetic resin by the artist and design duo Pierre & Cédric Koukjian.



"IN TRANSITION" is a collaboration with Röthlisberger Collection