Jacques Naegeli

Welt & Gstaad

December 5, 2014 - October 17, 2015 @ Museum Saanen

The exhibition, book and short film about the photographic and cinematic work of Jacques Naegeli (1885-1971) from Gstaad.

# Impressions

# Exhibited Works

# Short Film

A cross-section of historic restored clips of Jacques Naegeli's film works.

# Information

In over 50 years of business activity, Jacques Naegeli has significantly shaped the appearance of Gstaad and the region with his photography. Even today, the attentive viewer encounters again and again unique photographs that evoke fond memories for both locals and guests. However, a comprehensive reappraisal of his work has never been undertaken.

Christian Högl, Suzanne Potterat and Gertrud Potterat Naegeli, descendants of Naegeli, in collaboration with the Museum of the Landscape Saanen have created the project "Welt & Gstaad" and give the view of past times in the Saanenland and more distant regions of this world. Known and unknown pictures are presented as well as short films which were collected after more than 60 years from screeds and archives. The works have been made accessible to the public in the form of a photo book, an exhibition and a short film.